Our Frame

Prime Particle manufactures and manufactures "mirror frames" without compromising in the series of processes from design to manufacturing, and thoroughly realizes the demands for high quality.

Our Frame

Prime Particle has a huge selection of frames and lenses.

Here you can find frames that suit your face shape. We also show you how to choose a frame according to your face shape, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

From the factory to the store to the customer's hands, our frames go through multiple quality checks and are made wholeheartedly to be the customer's ideal choice.


At PrimeParticle, we believe that every product you purchase should be guaranteed with "excellent quality".

To do so, we do our best to maintain high quality, pursue aesthetics, and continue to advance.

At any of our manufacturing locations around the world, we have more processes and stricter quality controls to meet customer needs and produce frames that meet PrimeParticle's quality standards.

Let's find "That Pair"

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