How to choose glasses that suit your face shape

People have various face shapes. For example oval, square, round, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped...

Each face shape has its own charm, and wearing the right eyeglasses can enhance your facial features. First, determine your face shape and find glasses that fit your face shape. Please find glasses that suit your face shape.

However, this guide is not necessarily absolute. Follow your intuition as much as possible when choosing a frame. Expressing your style with a frame of your choice is a fun way to express your personality.

For Oval Faces

Long faces have an elongated face shape, characterized by length rather than width. The profile is slim, with a defined forehead and jawline. Another feature is that the eyes and mouth are positioned above the center of the face. If you have a long face, we recommend glasses that are wide and have a well-balanced frame. As a result, you can expect the effect of making the face look shorter while balancing the face. Choose glasses that bring out your charm.

It is recommended to use a frame with a wide top and bottom and bring the frame closer to the face line, as it will make it easier to balance the entire face.

Best frame:

Round, Aviator, Cat-eye, Square

Glasses for Oval Faces

For Square Face

People with square faces have square facial contours, and the width of the forehead and chin are almost the same. The chin is strong and the cheekbones are prominent. A person with a square shape like this gives the impression of being strong and toned. Choosing the right eyeglasses can balance out your facial features. For example, glasses with rounded corners or curvilinear designs can soften the angular features of your face.

Best Frames: Round, Brow

Glasses for Square Faces

For Round Face

A round face has a softer cheek and jawline and a rounded contour. They also typically have wide foreheads and a rounded jawline. It has a plump impression and youthfulness, and is characterized by its cuteness.

In addition, the round face is characterized by the eyes and mouth being concentrated in the center, and the overall face being balanced. By making use of this balance, the facial expression is bright, and gentleness and softness appear attractively.

If you have a round face, we recommend a frame that has the effect of softening the roundness of your face. Angular frames or frames with upward lines can flatter the shape of your face and make your contours look sharper. On the other hand, large frames and bold designs cover the entire face in a well-balanced manner and have the effect of enhancing individuality.

Best frames: transparent frame, full frame, square.

Glasses for Round Face

For Diamond-shaped Faces

Diamond-shaped face features have a wide forehead and jawline with a narrow, pointed center. This face shape gives an elegant and delicate impression. It is characterized by clear features and conspicuous cheekbones. For this type of face shape, glasses with a design that accentuates the upper part of the frame are recommended.

The upper line enhances the features of the face and creates a well-balanced impression. To further enhance your attractiveness, please choose glasses that are suitable for diamond-shaped people.

Best Frames: Cat-eye, Oval

Glasses for Diamond Face

For the Triangular Face

A triangular face has a wide, square jawline, but often has a narrow forehead, unlike a square face. If you consider your face shape to be triangular, our collection will allow you to bring out your best features and bring out the best in your facial features.

Wider frames are great for triangular faces as they can make the top of your face look wider. To give width to a narrow forehead, try a frame with color and detail accents on the top. It blends well with the lower third of the face to give a more balanced look.

Glasses with thick tops and shallow bottoms are best suited for this face shape. For a more daring look, choose a rounded design to create a contrast with the angular contours.

Best frames: Round, Aviator, Cateye, Brow.

Triangular Face Glasses

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