Switch eyewear

Installation is as simple as hooking the metal fittings to the frame for easy attachment and removal.

Easy removal and wide variety of designs

1. Easy mounting and removal:

To install, simply hook the metal fittings to the frame. This allows for easy attachment and removal. They can also be worn over eyeglasses and can be easily used as prescription sunglasses.

2. Convenient flip-up function:

This function is very convenient when driving in a tunnel or when clear vision is needed. It can be raised and lowered instantly.

3. Compatible with a wide range of designs:

Compatible not only with all-plastic frames but also with slender metal frames. It can be selected to match a variety of eyeglass designs.

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Beatrice - Prime Particle


$31.00 USD
Berger - Prime Particle


$24.00 USD
Basil - Prime Particle


$24.00 USD
Jackson - Prime Particle


$31.00 USD$18.00 USD
Baron - Prime Particle


$57.00 USD


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